The lord sent me a gift that changed my life-
A gift that came as a blessing in disguise.
For all the pieces of my puzzle became undone,
the day I realized that something was wrong.

My shades of gray turned to blue.....
Leaving me helpless, lost, without a clue.
Yet, for all the mysteries unexplained-
I found my passion through my pain.

For every word that went unspoken-
I found my purpose.....
Though my heart was broken.
And for the stories left untold-
I found my voice,
and I became whole.

My gift,
now unveiled for all to see.
My angel by the name of Thai lee....
He came and awakens the love
that was buried deep inside of me.

So for all the mothers
with nowhere to turn-
I'll lend you my ear
and share what I've learned.

When the screams get loud
and your heart feels as if 
it would shatter like glass-
Close your eyes, take a deep breath
and remember, this too shall pass.

When your faith is gone-
and you've lost all hope....
clinging to the end of your rope
feeling as if you can no longer cope
remember, life is but a kaleidoscope.

When you feel discouraged,
as if you have nothing to be proud of....
remember, autism speaks because of your love!
When your emotions go beyond words....
look deep into the eyes of your daughter, your son
and feel the love trapped inside
behind the tantrums, behind the tears
things are not always as they appear....
For the lord,
will never give you more than you can bare.

For in every test-
There is a testimony.
In every trail-
There is a lesson of love.....
That's when you know what you’re made of.
So lift your voice-
And say it out loud....
Autism speaks,
Because of your love!

Author, Sharon Corinthian, 2019

©Copyright 2019. Sharon Corinthian All Rights Reserved.

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