There's a battle going on inside of me,

Omg! I wish you would open your eyes, so you could see...

Me, Thai Lee, fighting every day to break free!

I’m trapped by the prison of mind 

Where so my questions go undefined

Society is trying to box me in-

But my journey must now begin;

The time has come for my story to be told, 

So my message of love,

 now begins to unfold....


1 in 88 is the reality I face,

labeled with the stigma shame and disgrace.

My emotions, accusingly misplace-

Misunderstood, mistreated,

Emotionally and socially cheated.

But I refuse to give up

refuse to be defeated.


Autism, this life, was not my choice to make

However, I’ve choosen to become an advocate

Come join me, as I spread the word...

Lift your voices, so we all can be heard.

Let's come together as a force of one!

Lets Stand, lets walk, let's run,


Moving back the barriers, breaking down the walls-

Knowing that united we stand, divided we surely fall

Ridding yourselves of fear and ignorance

Turning intolerance into understanding, patience and acceptance

Fighting for the cause until the battle is won!


The message I'm sharing was sent from above

 Let’s scramble the pieces until the puzzle spells love

 Proving that the essence of the heart runs deeper 

As I am my brother’s keeper


Recognizing that Autism is a disorder and not a disease 

So put your minds at ease 

 letting go of all the negative things that you think of 

for the only cure for Autism, 

is unconditional love!




Author, Sharon Corinthian, 2019
©Copyright 2019. Sharon Corinthian All Rights Reserved.







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