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The colors of autism comes to life

illuminating the eyes of my son, my daughter,

filling me with much joy, much laughter.

The colors of autism comes into view

every time I look at you.


The colors of autism, shines its light,

enchanting my soul with endless delight.

The colors of autism with its beauty thereof

embraces me with a ribbon of love.


Special child with a smile as bright as the midday sun,

tell me how your story begun.

Kissed were the droplets

and the sky began to glow

then came the colors of the rainbow.


Red is the color that runs through my veins

every time you speak my name.

Evoking the passion that fills my heart

bringing my love alive

my emotions your spirit revives.


Green is the beauty of nature that surrounds

as autumn leaves fall to the ground.

Bringing the seasons change

allowing the earth to be born again

offering a brand new dawn

providing us hope to carry on.


Blue is the sky and the color of the sea

vast, wide as far as the eyes can see.

Unveiling the thoughts that were buried deep inside of me

then letting my imagination run free.

Restoring my peace and tranquility 


Yellow is the fire that burns within your soul

revealing the truth that makes you whole.

Transforming your darkness into light

taking your senses to newer heights




Author, Sharon Corinthian,2019

┬ęCopyright2019. Sharon Corinthian All Rights Reserved.



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