Life is a journey;
And we're all just passing through-
all sent here with a job to do.

But like a roller coaster,
Filled with its unsuspecting twist and turns-
Unexpected surprises,
Lessons we all must learn.

Yet, we anticipate the thrill, 
As we focus on making it to the top...
Then suddenly, we're at a complete stop.
In our bellies, our hearts nearly drop!

But all jokes aside, 
Life can sometimes take us on a very bumpy ride...
For this is where the amusement's parked,
So hold on tight or you'll lose your grip-
At times life can be such a turbulent trip.

It's not for the swift;
This I can assure.
Only the strong will survive-
and endure.

I came to a cross road,
A juncture in my life;
A serious state of affairs-
Needing someone to hold my hand, 
And wipe my tears.

Giving up wasn't an option!
Autism awareness,
Is my only ambition, 
Is my driving force, my life long mission.

Though, the path I walk is not an easy road,
For the sake of the children,
I must stand strong, brave and bold.
My voice must be heard,
The story must be told,
The message of love and acceptance-
must reach every postal code.

As I stand on the outside looking in,
I realized that one life matters;
So a new chapter must begin.
With the love from my family, supporters and friends,
I know my story can only have an happy end.

Author, Sharon Corinthian, 2019
┬ęCopyright 2019. Sharon Corinthian All Rights Reserved.

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