Mommy, mommy, where did daddy go

I'm sorry baby, but I don't know

When he left he said he was going to the store

But it's been three years

Maybe more


Maybe he got lost in the crowd

Maybe your screams got too loud

Maybe he realize that his first born, his baby boy

Would never grow up to become a quarterback like Troy


Maybe he got tired of the questions, the stares

Maybe his reality became his darkest nightmare

Maybe after considering all the facts

He just decided not to come back


Baby, I guess he's not the man I thought he was

Because he doesn't understand the concept of patients and love

I guess he realize that it takes more to be a daddy, than just sowing his seed

Especially when caring for a child with special needs

He obviously couldn't take the pressure anymore

So he chose to walk through the door


Daddy, daddy, I'm sending you a message written with love

I'm sorry I'm not the son that you can be proud of

Nevertheless, why did you leave, where did you go

There are so many things that I need to know

But you left me behind

With so many unanswered questions  plaguing my mind


You left mommy to do it alone

To face all the challenges all on her own

But daddy, I wonder, if I were different

Would that have kept you home


Mommy said that one of the effects of my disorder is to divide and conquer

But she also said what doesn't kill you

Only makes you stronger

So I need you to lend me your hand

And somehow try and make me understand what went wrong


Daddy, daddy, I need you here to teach me how to be a man

You know that's something mommy doesn't really understand

So can we all just try and get along


Mommy needs you too

Though she won't admit

When you left, her heart got very sick

Now she's just angry that you chose to give up

Angry that you decided to quit


Daddy, I'll forgive you for leaving me

Then maybe one day we could be a family






Author, Sharon Corinthian, 2019
┬ęCopyright 2019. Sharon Corinthian All Rights Reserved.

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