Shhhhh.....listen. Do you see the

tears I cry

Give me your attention,

And I'll tell you why


I'm crying for my son Thai-Lee

And all the children that are being neglected, abandon and abused

As we turn a blind eye

All because of ignorance

And that's the reason I cry


I'm crying out for change so that everyone can be aware that autism is a disorder not a disease

It's a developmental disability that affects more children than cancer, diabetes and aids combine

So my brothers, my sisters don't you think it's about time


Time to stop the stigma of shame and despair

To stop the finger pointing, whispers and dirty stares

Its time to show our children

That we understand their fears


Time to change the laws

So the bullying can stop

Time to take our concerns to congress

Let's go all the way to the top


We need more funding

Better healthcare, better schools

If we stand together

Then the majority must rule


Autism awareness has become my life's mission

And I must spread the word

But I'm only one voice amongst millions

So I'm crying out to you

Let's stand for the ones who's voices will never be heard

Join the movement,

let's spread the word!


Author: Sharon Corinthian,

┬ęCopyright 2019. Sharon Corinthian All Rights Reserved.


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